Cass provides every type of housing in continuum care. We offer:

homeless feetWarming center: open to women and children nightly from November 15 to April 1.

Emergency shelter: open year round to women and children for up to 90 days.

Rotating Shelters: open for adults between November and April. Local organizations, usually churches, host Cass clients for a week. The church provides dinner, a clean place to sleep, breakfast, and a bagged lunch. If you would like to be a shelter, please contact Debra Bracey at (313) 883-2277 ext. 205.

Permanent supported housing: individuals can stay in an apartment indefinitely.

To inquire about housing, contact Deb Bracey at 313-883-2277 ext. 205.

If you are experiencing homelessness or know of someone who needs help, Cass has an emergency outreach line to assist. Please call 885-9-HOMELESS (855-9-46635377).

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