Cass provides every type of housing in continuum care. We offer:

homeless feetWarming center: open to women and children nightly from November 15 to march 31 to families with children and to adult women.

Emergency shelter: open year round to families with children children for up to 90 days.

Rotating Shelters: open for adults between November and April. Local organizations, usually churches, host Cass clients for a week. The church provides dinner, a clean place to sleep, breakfast, and a bagged lunch. If you would like to be a shelter, please contact Kim Hudolin at (313) 883-2277 ext. 204.

Permanent supportive housing: individuals can stay in an apartment indefinitely.  Please click on the links below to read about our various PSH programs.

Cass House

Littleton and Thomasson Apartments

Brady Building Apartments

Scott and Travis PSH

SOP #1724 Homeless, Antisdel Apartments Brochure, Rev. 3, 10-26-18

To inquire about housing, contact Regina Thompson at 313-883-2277 ext. 500.

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