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Tiny Homes Detroit Featured on NowThis!

NowThis News, one of Facebook’s most popular News/Media fan pages recently featured Tiny Homes Detroit in one of their original videos. The video received over 5 MILLION views in its first 24 hours!

Watch the video below and click here to pre-order Rev. Fowler’s new book Tiny Homes in a Big City.


First Tiny Home Opens Up

The first Cass Community Tiny Home was open for members of the press and a large number of friends and funders on September 8, 2016. Three to five people at a time walked through the 300 sq. ft. house on Elmhurst.

The next six Tiny Homes are underway. This batch will be on Monterey Street between the Lodge Service Drive and Woodrow Wilson. We anticipate that the houses will be complete by the end of October.

To have Rev. Fowler come speak to a group about the project, please e-mail her at ffowler@casscommunity.org or call 313.883-2277, ext. 201. To arrange for a tour of the Tiny House e-mail ccumcac@aol.com.


Cass Community Social Services is in the process of building 25 different Tiny Homes (250-400sf) on the north end of its campus between the Lodge service drive and Woodrow Wilson. Each home will be on its own lot (roughly 30 x 100 feet) and every one will be on a foundation. Most will have a front porch or rear deck to increase the living space.

The residents will have a combination of experiences (formerly homeless people, senior citizens, college students and a few Cass staff members) but all will qualify as low-income. At first, the residents will rent the homes. Anyone who remains for seven years will be given the opportunity to own the home and property.

The houses are being built by both professional trades people (under the supervision of a general contractor) and volunteer teams who will manage the finishing jobs – tiling, dry walling, painting, gardening, building decks and erecting fences.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or making a financial contribution, contact Rev. Fowler at ffowler@casscommunity.org. Speak to Sue Pethoud to volunteer at spethoud@casscommunity.org. If you would like to donate building materials (bricks, paint, counter tops, etc.) reach out to Stacy Conwell-Leigh at sleigh@casscommunity.org.

104 Responses to Tiny Homes

  1. How can I get this project started in my community? I have 5 acres in the city I own in Clarksville Tennessee and would love to build these types of home so our community can expand with prosperity. Who are the builders and cost?

  2. Aaren says:


    How do you apply to live in one of these homes?

  3. Christy says:

    I would love to see this happen in the city I live in, I wouldn’t know where to start but I would love to know your formula, how and when can I get my hands on your book? I have worked in the construction industry for over a decade and maybe there is a chance I can start this up here in edmonton. :)

  4. How do i apply to jave a home built or to buy one of these homes?

  5. Rei G says:

    When do you think you’ll be accepting more applications for future homes?

  6. Laura says:

    How can I volunteer to help?

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  8. dvitalis says:

    This is a good project that I would like to replicate in my city. Do you have the building plans available to share or sell?

  9. Kristin B. says:

    How could I help get this program started in New York state? I would both like to own a tiny home and help others have access to affordable spaces.

  10. Lisa Lockhart says:

    Can someone help me? Need a place to live! Interested in a tiny house. Thanks!!

  11. Ramona N Curtis says:

    I’m interested in living in on of your tiny house

  12. Neil says:

    I would like to replicate this in the Philippines.
    Do you a manual book that I can follow?

    Thanks and God bless you for what you’re doing.

  13. Wendy says:

    I ordered the book! Is there access to basic floor plans that you have used? Why re-invent the wheel? Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide! This is a fantastic initiative.

  14. I love this and I hope to see more of theses Tiny Home communities popping up around the US. Being a homeowner is something most people dream of and now people who never thought it possible will be able to own their very own homes. Thanks for sharing!

  15. David Crable says:

    What about renting one, is this still possible? Is there a list? Or are they all taken up by those pre selected ones as stated…I am close by. Disabled Veteran…with a Little bit of a income…more than some probably…but, still not a lot.. Just curious..Thanks and God bless you…

  16. David says:

    What about renting one, is this still possible? Is there a list? Or are they all taken up by those pre selected ones as stated…I am close by. Disabled Veteran…with a Little bit of a income…more than some probably…but, still not a lot.. Just curious..Thanks and God bless you…oh oh course I just saw where you stated, application currently closed…of course….they were preselected before they we even built…. Is this true…just wondering… Are there more being funded, for future builds…just wondering…

  17. Jeannie blondheim says:

    Is there away to be notified when I can apply for one of these homes? I am a single woman and a cancer survivor . One of these would be a perfect home for me!

  18. Anter says:

    Does City of Detroit zoning allow Tiny Homes in all of the residential zoned areas?

  19. Does the city of Detroit allow tiny homes in all of it’s residential zoned (R1/R2) areas?

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