Mud Mats


Cass Community Social Services collects illegally dumped tires from vacant lots in Detroit and recycles them into indestructible mud mats. To date, Cass has picked up over 30,000 tires from the streets of Detroit. Twelve formerly homeless men are employed in this program.


Mud mats may be purchased from our online store or by calling  313-883-2277 Ext 203.

15 thoughts on “Mud Mats

  1. I’ve had my mat for several years…LOVE IT! It’s held up very well! And when people ask about it, I love to them the story of how it cam to be! Great program CASS…keep up the good work!

  2. Love my mud mat!!! I remember these from my childhood. I’m so happy to support such a worthy cause and the industrious men that have now been able to lift themselves out of homelessness.

  3. Love the mats. Have had for years, ordering another for a different door.
    Great house warming gift,

  4. I volunteered here when I was a senior at Divine Child. I made these mats it was amazing. I would like one for my new home how would I purchase them?

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