Cass Community Social Services is a Detroit-based agency with a person-centered philosophy, dedicated to providing food, housing, health services, and job programs.


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Many people have been asking how Cass Community is doing during the pandemic and/or how they might help us help others. First of all, thank you for asking. We have closed down all non-essential operations and sent the 40 related staff persons home. Second, we have restricted access to our residential programs to people experiencing homelessness and staff. Each and every person entering a Cass building has to have his/her temperature taken at the door. The community lunch is also now served at the door of the Scott Building for people coming from the neighborhood.
The Rotating Shelter and Warming Center have both been extended through the end of May (although Rotation has been staying at Cass for the last four weeks). We have had 100 people in the Thomasson Building, 100 at Scott and 100 more in apartment buildings each night. We anticipate that the numbers will continue to climb.
We have been working feverishly to assist people who have recently lost their jobs in addition to those we normally serve. If you know of someone needing food, we will bring groceries to their front porch for free. See the instructions below.
As you probably know, our largest fundraiser, the Annual Dinner, has been postponed indefinitely. Countless individuals have responded to our call for donations to secure the Kim’s Cares matching gift that was intended to be used during the “ask” of the evening. You can still contribute by using the “donate” button above.
Lastly, people have been generous with material donations. As we ride out the crisis, the agency will continue to require gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, laundry soap, and bleach. All donations should be dropped off at the World Building (11745 Rosa Parks) rather than any other facility.
We urge you to be safe…. to monitor the CDC for updates ( and to consider how you might encourage others during this difficult time.
– Rev. Faith Fowler, CCSS Executive Director
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The book, authored by Faith Fowler, looks at the “American Dream.” the historical uses of small houses in the United States and how tiny homes have been utilized for poor and homeless people across the country. Readers will also learn about the decisions and logistics involved with building the Cass Tiny Homes and its innovative home ownership model.

Founded in 2014, the mission of the Cass Community Publishing House is to give a voice to writers from groups who are under-represented by the five major publishing companies and to offer a spotlight for religious and urban issues. Books by CCPH will include history, biography, photography, novels and poetry.


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