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DSCN1698[1]Paper document security is just as important as electronic security. Research shows that most identity thieves obtain information through traditional paper-based sources rather than electronic channels.

Every day at Cass Community Social Services, Green Industries’ employees are responsible for destroying sensitive documents for security-conscious customers. Since 2007, the workers have serviced documents for doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, all while providing vital jobs for workers with disabilities.

“We can talk about the number of adults with developmental disabilities that we employ. We can talk about being environmentally friendly… but the most important service we offer — and what our customers are looking for—is security.”
Rev. Faith Fowler, Executive Director

The Cass Document Destruction services include:


Paper shredding
Recycling programs
Media/x-ray film destruction

Our services utilize:
Professional, trained and insured staff members
Full 7-year background checks of all employees
Alarm monitored facilities with 24/7 video surveillance and 90-day back-up tapes
Regularly scheduled pick-up days of locked 65 gallon containers or periodic “purge” pick-ups

CCSS shreds paper to align with strict I.R.S. requirements including shred widths of 5/16” (versus the industry standard of 5/8”) and domestic recycling of shredded paper.

PricingShredding Brochure image

Document destruction pricing by CCSS is competitive with for-profit businesses. Customers can select locking containers or a purge; pre-arranged, regularly scheduled or on-demand pick-ups; paper only or a combination of paper, cardboard, x-rays, CDs/DVDs. Contact the Sales Office (313-883-2277 ext. 203 or at Cass to discuss the service options and related costs.

Secure Document Destruction Services Brochure

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  1. Amazing article with supportive information. I think a lot of people realize just hoe important it is to shredding documents. It’s hard to see why companies wouldn’t invest in a paper shredding service. Thanks for the article.

  2. I lived in Charlevoix, MI and we used Crossroads Industries who do the same amazing work as Cass Green Industries. We found these services efficient and reliable. I just requested information from Cass Green for the new company I work for.

  3. I love learning more about document destruction. It’s cool that companies can shred and recycle. We need to find a service for all of our papers.

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