Tiny Homes Detroit


  • Cass Community Social Services is in the process of building 25 different Tiny Homes (250-400sf) in Detroit, MI.
  • Each home will be on its own lot (roughly 30 x 100 feet) and everyone will be on a foundation. Most will have a front porch or rear deck to increase the living space.
  • Many of the residents were formerly homeless, incarcerated, aged out of the foster care system or equivalent, and/or are senior citizens. All of the residents qualified for the program by being low-income.
  • At first, the residents rent their homes (one year at a time). Anyone who remains in the house and program for seven years will be give the opportunity to own the home.

“A Detroit project’s spin on helping the homeless: Homeownership”


Click here to order Rev. Fowler’s book, Tiny Homes in a Big City.



To have Rev. Fowler come speak to a group about the project, please e-mail her at ffowler@casscommunity.org or call 313.883-2277, ext. 201. To arrange for a tour of the Tiny House e-mail ccumcac@aol.com.

Tiny Homes Detroit are being built by both professional tradespeople (under the supervision of a general contractor) and volunteer teams who will manage the finishing jobs – tiling, drywalling, painting, gardening, building decks and erecting fences.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or making a financial contribution, contact:

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      1. Any plans to complete more than the 25 tiny homes since so much interest? Wondering if anyone had ever considered high school students from Detroit public schools building a home? They do this in Fredericksburg, Virginia where students learn plumbing, electrical, drafting, carpentry, etc and build a large home which takes a full school year to complete. The house is then sold and profits go toward purchasing next year’s lot. Message me at cevans1982@aol.com if you would like more information on their program. I think it would be perfect for Detroit students working to build additional tiny homes and learn vocational skills at the same time.

      1. I have been looking for housing that I can afford and I am definitely low income on disability. If anything else should open up or if there is a new project that will be coming anytime in the future I would like to be considered for that. I have been looking and have not been able to find anything.

      2. In addition to Tiny Homes Detroit, Cass Community Social Services offers a variety of different housing programs that combat homelessness.

  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Faith Fowler when we had our Hep Homes—she is truly a person dedicated to helping those with special needs. Congratulations on your Tiny Homes! S.Dalfonso

  2. hello my company would like to volunteer on building, painting, cleaning, please advise with more information on doing this.

  3. This is a big dream for me, so glad to see that the D is stepping up 😎😍😍

  4. I want to start a similar project here in Cleveland, OH, but I have no clue where to start. My biggest concerns would be acquiring land for the project(s) and the city politics to get such a project approved. What suggestions do you have?

  5. Can you tell me if any thought/planning was put into accessibility regarding these? I know a lot of people with disabilities who are living independently are low income workers. And so many housing issues many face are best addressed as a home owner with options to modify their home (like installing adaptive equipment.) But when I look at the tiny house movement it generally focuses on very agile people able to use ladders (or rock walls or even crazier things) to get to bed. I’d love to see this replicated in a way that allows for other, less physically flexible, people to be included and VERY interested about hearing about ANY projects with tiny houses that were able to do that.

  6. Hello this project is amazing and I want to replicate it back home but I was wondering to know it is any special link to see or learn more about the average cost of each tiny just to make an idea to replay it and the most important consider the cons and pros to carry a project like this to another place I really enjoyed seeing the videos and admire the efforts and good job that all of you has been doing God bless you. Thank you

  7. I am interested in renting to own a tiny homes what steps do I need to go thru to get it started. My name is 
    Tawana Carter my number is 
    313 879-7042 my email is 

      1. Profit is not this issue. We will have 25 homes and we have over 125 applications. We will choose our residents from the applications we currently have.

  8. I do love the idea of this and don’t live far from Detroit. Are there plans to build more any time soon? I wouldn’t mind volunteering. I have volunteered a little with Habitat in the past.

  9. I used to live in Detroit I haven’t been there in 6 years but my neighborhood where I come from I lived in brightmoor I was hoping that the tiny-house community would come there so I can come back home and live in the neighborhood where I grew up

  10. Homelessness is a problem that affects many cities within American and the world. Recently, cities like South-Los Angeles, California have started initiatives to create affordable housing in the form of tiny houses. Programs like Cass Community Tiny Homes in Detroit can be applied to big cities that have some budge to work with affordable housing and section 8 housing as well as working with non-profit and volunteer organizations to present a rent-to-own living option (Cass Community Social Services 2018). People who participate in these types of programs have to follow specific guidelines like finding/maintaining a job, meeting with financial councilors and keeping up with their physical and mental health via services offered by the same program. Moreover, tiny home communities can be an affordable and alternative way to prevent homelessness and help people transition from homelessness into having stable living conditions.
    Cass Community Social Services. (2018). Tiny homes detroit. Retrieved from https://casscommunity.org/tinyhomes/

    1. Thank you Maria, as this information is vital to all towns, cities, suburban and rural. I live in Maine and there are many discrepancies about living in a tiny home and assisting the homeless or low-income families. It’s sad, but I’m hoping to change that within the next couple of years as we really need to make vital changes in today’s economy and the astronomical increase of rents and purchasing a home.

  11. This small house is very nice and comfortable. Many people who want to have a small house that is comfortable for their residence. This will really make them very comfortable with their small family. Housing in a safe neighborhood will make them more happy. biesterbos.nl

  12. I wish they had something like this in Calif. Im in trouble and this would be perfect instead of me & my dogs being homeless. The rent & bills are so high here. I work but part time and school part time. Not making enough. What a special person to get this going.

  13. Hi I’m interested in rent to own one of these tiny homes how do I proceed in that process my name is temain Avery and I’m
    on disability

    1. Residents in the neighborhood are part of a program for low income individuals. Applications have been closed for some time.

  14. This is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, taking care of seniors with little to no money…..why can’t our government understand that not everyone is rich and wealthy yet we are all still Americans. I want no hand out from anyone yet I am in the same position as being poor even though I worked and was married all my life, at 75 who ever said these are the golden years I would like to kick this butt. If you have any info on a project like this that is back east somewhere could you email me? I so want of out Chicago for it is to violent for me and costly. I will take anywhere back east at this point. Thank you, Sherry

  15. I would love to do something similar in my hometown outside Atlanta. How much did the construction cost of the tiny homes? Did you have trouble getting the city zoning for your project? Rent is about $400 per month? How many occupants per home do you permit? Thanks for the info. This could be a fantastic project.

  16. This is a wonderful program, one that I would very much like to see my daughter get into. Right now she’s paying $625 of her meager $750 income in rent. I believe a tiny home would give her some stability and put her on a better path to living. I know that applications are closed. I just need to try to start a process for her. How can I accomplish this?

    1. Thank you for your fast reply. I will keep a lookout for updates and hopefully, this program is just the start of something good in Metro Detroit.

  17. I am looking for Zoning documents and/or Zoning Ordinances permitting Tiny Home developments or references to permit such relative to land usage. Great stories. I am on the Planning Commission for Lincoln Charter Township in Stevensville MI and we are discussing Tiny Homes. Thank You.

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