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Tiny Homes Detroit Featured on NowThis!

NowThis News, one of Facebook’s most popular News/Media fan pages recently featured Tiny Homes Detroit in one of their original videos. The video received over 5 MILLION views in its first 24 hours!

Watch the video below and click here to order Rev. Fowler’s new book Tiny Homes in a Big City.

First Tiny Home Opens Up

The first Cass Community Tiny Home was open for members of the press and a large number of friends and funders on September 8, 2016. Three to five people at a time walked through the 300 sq. ft. house on Elmhurst.

The next six Tiny Homes are underway. This batch will be on Monterey Street between the Lodge Service Drive and Woodrow Wilson. We anticipate that the houses will be complete by the end of October.

To have Rev. Fowler come speak to a group about the project, please e-mail her at ffowler@casscommunity.org or call 313.883-2277, ext. 201. To arrange for a tour of the Tiny House e-mail ccumcac@aol.com.


Cass Community Social Services is in the process of building 25 different Tiny Homes (250-400sf) on the north end of its campus between the Lodge service drive and Woodrow Wilson. Each home will be on its own lot (roughly 30 x 100 feet) and every one will be on a foundation. Most will have a front porch or rear deck to increase the living space.

The residents will have a combination of experiences (formerly homeless people, senior citizens, college students and a few Cass staff members) but all will qualify as low-income. At first, the residents will rent the homes. Anyone who remains for seven years will be given the opportunity to own the home and property.

The houses are being built by both professional trades people (under the supervision of a general contractor) and volunteer teams who will manage the finishing jobs – tiling, dry walling, painting, gardening, building decks and erecting fences.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or making a financial contribution, contact Rev. Fowler at ffowler@casscommunity.org. Speak to Sue Pethoud to volunteer at spethoud@casscommunity.org. If you would like to donate building materials (bricks, paint, counter tops, etc.) reach out to Stacy Conwell-Leigh at sleigh@casscommunity.org.

242 Responses to Tiny Homes

  1. Mary E Smith says:

    Any chance they will make these for tiny families? My husband and I had a change of life surprise baby, he was a twin but only he made it, he is 11 now and our entire world. Hubby is 65, permanently and totally disabled, and I caught the cancer 3 years ago, I am currently 45. The entire disability check goes toward house payment of $1200.00. We’re stuck, can’t afford to move, lost our car, our savings, our son could have so much more if we had affordable housing. We needed this big house when all of the children were home, but the first five are adults now, grown and gone, just the 3 of us. We would love one of these little houses

  2. Crystal Meyer says:

    May I have information about the architects for these homes? We’d like to put a small apartment or two on our property to provide free housing for someone to help them save up to buy a place. There are programs many people we know qualify for but they need a down payment, impossible with rent. In two years, they’d have enough to qualify.

  3. Tracy Grandberry says:

    How do you apply to live in one of the tiny homes which programs help you to live in one??

  4. I’m interested in living in a tiny home. How can I apply for one?

  5. kemp says:

    hi i am currently homeless n will like to know how i can apply for tiny home. i can even volunteer to work

  6. Toni Cornett says:

    Can I buy a tiny home for cash
    As a gift for my son.

  7. My name is Adriane i live in chicago on the northside. I have 2 kids 14 and 4 years old and we live in a studio apartment thats about 300 sqaure feet and im paying 1000$ for rent. I stay because it is a safe neighborhoods for my girls. If i could get a Tiny house in a nice neighborhood it would be a dream.

  8. Thomas C. Fusi says:

    How can this project reach my country .This is awesomely for people with low income.How I wish one day in my city to have this project .

  9. Ximena says:

    Congratulation great idea. I wish we can have them s program in Florida.

  10. Brittani says:

    I would love to volunteer!

  11. gerard mc allen says:

    looking at your project here in Ireland wish we had the same project here same problems the world over delighted to see someone finding a solution to the problem keep up the good work you are an inspiration to the world.

  12. John Howard jr. says:

    Good work!!!!!!!! Doc

  13. Mairi Welman says:

    I’d like to understand more about the background information, such as, who pays the annual property taxes and utility fees for the property? Are the homes strata title once purchased or freehold? Is there a report on the operational mechanics of the program I can read? Thank you!

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  15. Nex says:

    I would like to get a copy of the book on how to replicate this in other parts of the world. How do I get it, or get an update when it’s available?

  16. Bruce T Qua says:

    I’m very interested in this project, and potentially replicating it elsewhere in the country. Please let me know when the book you’ve got underway is generally available. Thank you Bruce

  17. theanthonyrosario says:

    Your Exec. Direc. spoke of a book to be published. Has it been released and where can I find one? Love what you are doing in MI!

  18. Max says:

    This is so great for people that truely need the help.
    I am from Indianapolis, I am a general contractor here, I was trying to get investors to do something like this but for our homeless veterans around the city here near the V.A. hospital.
    I have not had any luck finding investors for my purposal.. I’m glad to see this being done…

  19. Sylvia Baskin says:

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing a tiny house of Detroit. Can you help me with the Application process.

  20. Kineta says:

    When will houses be built for low income families or single mothers with children!

  21. brendacf1970 says:

    Any chance you will be doing this is Ohio?

  22. Shiane says:

    How do I get stared

  23. Madino says:

    Hi, that is really interesting I really want one for my self but I live in St. Paul MN. So is that possible.

  24. Joseph Frates says:

    Are you aware of any organizations that have replicated your incredible program? Ordered your book. Can’t wait to read it. Congrats on your work.

  25. Karen says:

    I love this! Thank you for helping your community. Do you have a program that helps other communities get started?

  26. Wendy says:

    Will there ever be another chance to Apply?

  27. Raymunda Moore says:

    I have an aunt that just moved back to the city from California. She is a recovered addict. My aunt is trying to get back on her feet and I am trying to help her as much as possible. She is currently moving from house to house with family members and some of the people from her local Kingdom Hall. How can I help her apply for housing?

  28. OakPark-IL says:

    Social revolution with a practical solution! You have to be seeing now more than ever that you need to continue this program. Brilliant.

  29. Connie A Fisher says:

    When will the next opening for applying for one of these homes

  30. WOW your like famous lol. Im just a Bear on the street who admires and would like to bring this fantastic idea to the community of Port Alberni in British Columbia Im doing the best I can but could use some good advise bearlind@gmail.com
    Take care says Bear

  31. Tonya Trotty says:


    My name is Tonya Trotty and I am writing because I would like to know how can I apply for the waiting list. I am a single mom, and have a family of 3. I live on a fixed income because I am on SSI (I have Sickle Cell Disease). My son is also disabled (he suffers from Epilepsy). Because I have such a low income it is often hard to find a decent affordable home. For years I been living in a place in which my rent is 3/4 my income. So I always have a hard time to make ends meet. My income went up only recently, because my son was labeled as being disabled, so I receive SSI for him as well now. Even with the increase I am still considered low- income, and most rental homes require that your income is 2 1/2- 3x the amount the rent is. I also have some credit issues, because I’ve been living on such a low income. I am currently in the process of improving my credit. I have started working with Lexington Law and have started begun to pay off items, but I pay my rent and I have lived at my current residence for nearly 5 years. It is because of the reasons, I can’t afford a decent home at an affordable rate. We are decent people with no criminal background and need affordable housing. Can you please give me more information about how my family can apply for your tiny home program?

    Thankyou, Tonya Trotty

    • spethoud says:

      The Tiny Homes we are currently building are for singles or couples. We plan to build for families sometime in the future. Please watch our website for details.

  32. Karen says:

    My daughter is on disability and would benefit from this opportunity. What all is required for her to obtain a 400 sq. Ft. Tiny home. I hope to be able to guide her through this process. She has a hard time in remembering all the necessary details.

    Thank you!

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  34. Julie Marshall says:

    Hi I am a widow and a victim of domestic violence I have 4 young children I get restricted income so I stay with family in there basement but it’s getting too crowded I lived in Detroit before but after husband died I left than got involved a domestic violence situation with my youngest but I could use some assistance could I be qualified for this program I get enough money but not enough to qualify to get a place and what do I have to do if it takes me 6 mths to save up I will

    • spethoud says:

      The homes we are building currently are for singles and couples. We have no homes with provisions for children at this time. We do hope to build some in the future that will be large enough to accomidate children, that won’t happen for quite some time.

  35. Leah says:

    I wish this would happen in Pocatello, Idaho–well, nation wide, really, is what we need–it’d really help out a lot of people.

  36. Sylvia Houston says:

    How can I apply for one of the tiny homes?

  37. Priscilla says:

    How can I apply I have two daughters and a very low income i live in Chicago Illinois

  38. DEBORAH COMBS says:

    I would like to buy a tiny home do you guys build on property owned by individuals and are they prefabs? Not that would be a problem for me. I’m an older person and I would like new construction in a safe neighborhood. One of my own choosing actually. I think it’s a wonderful idea for older people I don’t need so much house. I’ve really been considering selling the one I have it’s just too much. Get back with me at Combs.combs@gmail.com thank you so much

    • spethoud says:

      This is a rent then own program in a specific neighborhood in Detroit. We are not building anywhere else at this time nor do we expect to in the near future. We do expect that plans will be made available within the next month or so.

  39. Tiani Picazo says:

    This is the greatest idea anybody has come up with to help those in need of housing!! Absolutely brilliant!! The rest of the United States should emulate this project!!

  40. Teama S. says:

    I wish like wow they had this program in Houston Texas, awesome and amazing idea omg! I hope and pray your company wpuld expand outside of Detroit thats can help out here down south!! We need it

  41. James E Clark says:

    Hi. I saw a video about your program on Facebook.

    I think it would be an amazing project to put together in our community through our church.

    The video said you have a booklet coming out in your process. Is that available yet ?

    Thank you for you time.

  42. Michael johnson says:

    This project is amazing, I love the idea and would like to help in some way! I have no professional building experience but please let me know if there are other ways to help and learn more about how the Cass community is making positive change :)

  43. Christina says:

    Hello. Interested in any available housing units.

  44. bill royal wesley says:

    what great idea , I want to get your book I have 25 aceres in the state of LOUISANA that if I can find a investor would like to use the land to build me a small house and for others who have low income but desire to own there own on home. if any one see this email and are investors please contact me if the sounds instresting to you ,

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