Tiny Homes Detroit


  • Cass Community Social Services is in the process of building 25 different Tiny Homes (250-400sf) in Detroit, MI.
  • Each home will be on its own lot (roughly 30 x 100 feet) and everyone will be on a foundation. Most will have a front porch or rear deck to increase the living space.
  • Many of the residents were formerly homeless, incarcerated, aged out of the foster care system or equivalent, and/or are senior citizens. All of the residents qualified for the program by being low-income.
  • At first, the residents rent their homes (one year at a time). Anyone who remains in the house and program for seven years will be give the opportunity to own the home.

“A Detroit project’s spin on helping the homeless: Homeownership”


Click here to order Rev. Fowler’s book, Tiny Homes in a Big City.



To have Rev. Fowler come speak to a group about the project, please e-mail her at ffowler@casscommunity.org or call 313.883-2277, ext. 201. To arrange for a tour of the Tiny House e-mail ccumcac@aol.com.

Tiny Homes Detroit are being built by both professional tradespeople (under the supervision of a general contractor) and volunteer teams who will manage the finishing jobs – tiling, drywalling, painting, gardening, building decks and erecting fences.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or making a financial contribution, contact:

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  1. How can I get this project started in my community? I have 5 acres in the city I own in Clarksville Tennessee and would love to build these types of home so our community can expand with prosperity. Who are the builders and cost?

  2. I would love to see this happen in the city I live in, I wouldn’t know where to start but I would love to know your formula, how and when can I get my hands on your book? I have worked in the construction industry for over a decade and maybe there is a chance I can start this up here in edmonton. :)

      1. Well,when will they be accepting applications again because you telling people that it’s just close is not helping here,there are people that are homeless and need a chance.

  3. How could I help get this program started in New York state? I would both like to own a tiny home and help others have access to affordable spaces.

  4. I would like to replicate this in the Philippines.
    Do you a manual book that I can follow?

    Thanks and God bless you for what you’re doing.

  5. I ordered the book! Is there access to basic floor plans that you have used? Why re-invent the wheel? Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide! This is a fantastic initiative.

  6. I love this and I hope to see more of theses Tiny Home communities popping up around the US. Being a homeowner is something most people dream of and now people who never thought it possible will be able to own their very own homes. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What about renting one, is this still possible? Is there a list? Or are they all taken up by those pre selected ones as stated…I am close by. Disabled Veteran…with a Little bit of a income…more than some probably…but, still not a lot.. Just curious..Thanks and God bless you…

  8. What about renting one, is this still possible? Is there a list? Or are they all taken up by those pre selected ones as stated…I am close by. Disabled Veteran…with a Little bit of a income…more than some probably…but, still not a lot.. Just curious..Thanks and God bless you…oh oh course I just saw where you stated, application currently closed…of course….they were preselected before they we even built…. Is this true…just wondering… Are there more being funded, for future builds…just wondering…

  9. Is there away to be notified when I can apply for one of these homes? I am a single woman and a cancer survivor . One of these would be a perfect home for me!

  10. What a wonderful idea and I am forwarding your interesting article to our ‘Everyone Deserves a Home’ committee, here in the Cowichan Region, central Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I believe the UN Charter of Rights states, something like, Everyone Deserves a Home. Thanks you for sharing a wonderful solution to a very terrible problem – no place to live/rent/buy…. There is HOPE, thanks to Rev. Fowler & her dedicated team, and those like her!!

  11. Yes I’m not from Detroit but i was wondering if i could get information about the tiny homes so i see what i can do to build one myself so i can afford a good place to live comfortable and not have to pay $600- $700 a month to a slum lord. Thank if you cam help me find information out what i need to help bring down my rent and hopefully become a home owner before 26.

      1. Hello Rev. Faith,
        I’m on disability an live alone; this program is wonderful for so many who can’t afford a home, who want
        to live and be apart of the “American dream of home ownership”.
        I to was homeless a little over 2 years ago…I’m not in the best housing unit but, it’s home.

        I’m VERY interested in this program process when it becomes available, in the near future…

        Thankful for you an your blessings you have given to the community…no one else saw fit too do so like you did Rev. Faith😍🙌🙏

  12. Are houses still being built? If so, I’d like to volunteer! It would be perfect to help start my interior design experience as a college student.

  13. Hello,

    How do you apply to live in one of these homes? Recently homeless moving house to house in hopes to find something permanent and small enough for me

  14. I need to apply for one of the family homes. It’s just me and my 8 year old. I escaped a domestic violence situation and I have limited time where I reside. I have been on my job a little over a year. Thank you!

    P.S. these are BEAUTIFUL!

    1. We won’t be ready to build the larger “family” homes for quite a while. We have finished 7 of the 25 smaller homes for singles or couples. The family homes will be built after that.

  15. Does the book offer
    Strategies for managing the tiny home program through a non-profit and ways to leverage land and other discounts from government agencies, and fund raising? What due diligence did you perform during your first steps in this beautiful venture? Thank you!

  16. Hi! I was just wondering if you guys will post more about the houses online? Like pictures maybe?Thanks!

  17. How do I apply for one of these homes? I’m a 59 yr old woman on SSI after a 26 year marriage ended with nothing to be had. I have medical issues & currently live in a small upper loft in Nt. Clemens. The house should be condemned there is so much wrong with it. And if that happens, I have no where to go.

  18. I need me a tiny house an a storage building. The tiny house need to have rm for 3 wemon an a young man all bunk bed size but wheelchair excess an places to charge them an all elec appliances an elec air an heat. Maybe wit solar. I make very little money disability an foodstamps. Now. It will b me my two daughters an my grandson unless u can put on next to mine for the one daughter an her son.i want ti live in an roynd statesville nc 28677. Can u help me

  19. I was so fortunate to see Rev Fowler speak at Maine’s Affordable Housing Conference! I bought the book and we are dreaming about the possibilities in rural Maine!

  20. Hi my name is chenita Robinson and I would like to know can a disabled low-income person live in a tiny home and if so how do I apply for a tiny home you can contact me by phone my number is 313 418 3561

  21. Hi. My husband and I are planning on moving and I just saw you tiny houses on Facebook, I wanted to know where are you guys located and what ever else information you can provide and if you were planning on expanding because these houses would look GREAT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    1. We are a Detroit based non-profit. These homes are geared for low-income folks in Detroit. We do not have plans to expand but encourage other non-profits to use our model. Information on “how to” an be found in the new book “Tiny Homes in a Big City” available from http://www.ccpublishinghouse.org.

  22. Hello my name is Mike Kennedy
    I am extremely interested in your idea in the flint market. If there is any info I can get from you it would be great. My major issue is overcoming minimum square footage rules.
    Thank you

  23. I like those tiny houses I own several Lots in the city of Detroit I would like to know how can I put the tiny hot houses on my property

  24. This is such a great project for community! please please spread the words, so many many town all over 50 states will follow!!! and please don’t stop!

  25. I really need a home to go to.how do i go buy getting a tine home please let me no a.s.a.p

  26. I am really interested in getting one of these homes how do i apply for this program. I am homeless and on disability… please let me know how I can qualify for this program..

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