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  1. What great work you are doing!! I’m hopeful we can learn from you!
    The City of Chicago is seeking proposals from local organizations addressing Tiny Homes as an initiative to deal with chronic homelessness; insufficient affordable housing for low income individuals/families and for seniors. Greater Southwest Development Corporation (GSDC), a non-profit developer already managing 250 units of senior subsidized housing on Chicago’s south side, understands this need and is interested in the opportunity tiny homes may provide to these population groups.

    I am reaching out today to begin what I hope are several conversations around what it would take to create an effective tiny home program here in Chicago. We are seeking to build/install homes with permanent foundations. We anticipate making recommendations to Chicago City Council for zoning/utility/building code change, and we therefore seek advice, support and/or partnership on both building development and program/policy development.

    Does any of this interest you? Would you be willing to engage in this conversation further via phone?

    1. Sure. You can start with the book Tiny Homes in a Big City. It chronicles everything we have done including the rationale for the decisions we have made along the way. It is available on our website
      Once you have read that, we would love to connect and see how we can be of help.

  2. Hi Reverend Fowler
    I love what you’re doing there in Detroit. We live in New Zealand and believe it or not we have lots of homeless here. In Auckland city our largest centre we have 22k sleeping rough and that number is set to balloon due to a housing bubble. We would love to do something and hope that we can get a copy of your book when it is published.
    Bless you

  3. Friends,
    First, great job!
    We in Pleasant Hill, MO (SE of Kansas City, MO), have set up a Facebook Group for OpportUNITY Pleasant Hill

    We are just getting started, and already have about 200 people interested. Do you have any information that we can share? We are not sure where to start, what to do first, and how to move into this Mission.

    Any help or thoughts, including prayers, would be appreciated.

    Rev. D. Kent Deubner, Pastor First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Pleasant Hill, MO

  4. Mi nombre es Rosaura y lidero una consultora de Recursos humanos, estoy realizando una búsqueda para la ciudad de Detroit :
    A quien debo contactar para saber si cuentan con una base de datos u oficina de empleo. Buscamos una persona bilingue en Inglés y Español-
    Desde ya muchas Gracias !!!

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